About AAQB

The African American Quilters of Baltimore was founded in 1989 by three African American quilters seeking the community of other African American quilters. Their primary goal was to offer support and information for African American quilters in an environment of acceptance and welcome. Since that time, the group has grown in size and diversity and includes quilters of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. In addition, its members participate in projects in schools, libraries and museums in keeping with our “Each One, Teach One” philosophy.

President’s Message

Thanks for visiting the website for the AAQB, the African American Quilters of Baltimore. We formed over twenty years ago to provide an expressive outlet for a few Women of Color who wanted to freely exhibit their quilts. The motto of this guild has always been for “Each One to Teach One”. Since 1989, we have broadened the membership to include individuals skilled in other fiber arts such as knitting, doll making and beading to name but a few.

Is this guild limited to African American women living in Baltimore who can make a quilt in a day? Absolutely not!! Members come from the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. We are culturally and racially diverse, and men are also members of the AAQB. In fact, some of us are needle, thread, and fabric challenged. It never stops us from enjoying the company of a spirited group of skilled and talented individuals who keep thrilling each other with their artistic endeavors. My name is Glenda and I am the President of the African American Quilters of Baltimore. Welcome to you all.


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